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The trailer for a new “Super Mario Bros.” movie featuring Seth Rogen as the voice of Donkey Kong has been released. This is exciting news for fans of both the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise and Seth Rogen. I’m sure the movie will be highly anticipated.

In a new Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, one of the most-anticipated voices in the movie is heard for the first time. In the upcoming animated movie Super Mario Bros., Chris Pratt is the voice of Mario. Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, and Keegan Key, Michael. Michael Key, Seth Rogen, and other famous actors like them play some of the most well-known Super Mario Bros. characters. The movie has been in and out of production for almost a decade, but work has already begun on the version that will come out in 2021. It is set to be directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, and Matthew Fogel wrote the screenplay for it.

In the promotional video, Mario and Donkey Kong are shown fighting in the arena while people cheer them on. But even though Cat Mario shows up, Donkey Kong doesn’t have any trouble taking care of the main character. Cranky Kong, who is Donkey Kong’s grandfather, is also in the coliseum. Peach, Toad, and Cranky Kong show a range of emotions as Mario fights Donkey Kong. They can’t believe what’s happening on the field. The movie will start showing in theaters on April 7.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Voice Actors Explained

Seth Rogen, who will play Donkey Kong, is the most recent voice actor to be named for the movie. The first Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer showed how Chris Pratt voices Mario, Charlie Day voices Luigi, Anya Taylor Joy voices Peach, Keegan Michael Key voices Toad, and Jack Black voices Bowser. Many people were interested in the voice acting because Mario is such a well-known character to most of its audience. People in the crowd who didn’t think Pratt was a great choice for the role of Mario and who wanted to hear Charles Martinet’s famous voice for the character didn’t like the news that Pratt would be doing Mario’s voice.

Martinet won’t be giving Mario his voice. Instead, he will make cameos as a voice in the background. Sebastian Maniscalco is also likely to play Spike, Mario and Luigi’s boss from the 1985 video game Wrecking Crew. Now that Donkey Kong’s voice has been made public, it seems like Frank Welker’s Yoshi’s voice is the next big one to come out. So far, what people have seen in the trailers has given them hope, but some of them are still worried about Chris Pratt. The audience liked the other choices of voice actors a lot more, and to their credit, each of them does a good job of matching the level of excitement that viewers were hoping for before they started watching. Rogen’s signature laugh can be heard in the short trailer for Donkey Kong. This makes an already funny movie even funnier.

After some time has passed since the first trailer for the movie came out, it seems like people are still getting more and more excited about seeing it. With the video that has been shown, people who remember the controversial 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie should also feel better about how great the new animated movie seems to be. Any doubts about the voice casting for the Super Mario Bros. Movie should go away when it comes out in theaters on April 7, as long as it stays true to the games and has all the extras and thrills that fans of the games expect.

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